Travelling Fool Teaser


Two years in the making, Michael’s debut album Travelling Fool is getting ready for Pre-Christmas release! Stay tuned.

Hills Harmonies Show Announced

Hills Harmonies 2013

The Michael Gambino live band will be helping close the Hills Harmonies Festival in Mt. Dandenong Saturday November 28. Armed with some brand new songs to add to their set we are always excited to play a festival show.


 Finally the band “Michael Gambino” is in full effect. As soon as we got together for the  first time I organised 4 shows and I decided that I am to always have 4 shows lined up. We want to play festivals and get on the bill with big bands because we believe that the music is so good, all it needs to do is be heard by the people. Check the shows menu to find out where you can see us live!


On Tuesday August 13 I had a jam with Drummer Mike Palomeque who has been on board with my project for a few months now. He heard my stuff on Melband after made a post stating that I was looking for a Drummer for the “Best Band in Australia.” It was bound to get everyone’s attention but it was my Music Video for Travelling Fool that kept his.
After just one Jam, Mike, (who had played several shows as the drummer for Aussie 90′s Superstar DIESEL) was just as keen as I was to find a Bassplayer who would complete the band. Craig Kelly is his name.
Craig had just left his home town Adelaide to live with his girlfriend in Melbourne and start a new life here, and was keen to jump into a band straight away, so that’s how he found us. Craig had 7 of my songs prepared in just one week and we jammed them out and sounded great. The next day I got into gear and set off to organise our first show. We’re playing at The Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda, 10:30pm, September 3rd.

Michael reveals how he won the 2011 Catapult Contest

When the Catapult Contest came to town ever artist who has signed up on Triple J’s Unearthed Site got a mail telling them that they like their song and it’s been chosen for a contest. Cool. I already had my video made and was fresh back from the trip to Argentina where I made the clip.

Using to my full advantage after learning how to use it while travelling I added myself to the group Buenos Aires and told everyone that my song was in competition in Australia and they could vote and check out the video which was made in their home city.

All the Argentinians in the group loved the idea and did it very lovingly. It’s a different culture to the Australians of which one questioned my morals and motives for mass messaging everyone. Was I miss-using the Couchsurfing Site? Well I didn’t need to sleep on someone’s couch so no dramas there. I just needed mindless numbers putting their hand up. This was supposed to prove that it was popular, but it also forced voter’s to give their profile information from Facebook to the site running the comp.

New Spot at VANILLA

I decided to get in touch with VANILLA in Oakleigh through their “Vanilla Live” Facebook Page and I was surprised to get a quick response from a site I didn’t think would be used so much. VANILLA is a top notch establishment why? Because they readily draw a crowd night after night, any day of the week and without sweat, in Winter.

The sound guy and the manager gave me the thumbs-up to go try out there so I had to choose 3 songs that were going to show versatility and appeal the the wide family and friends audience.

Let’s not make a mistake here VANILLA is a Wog-joint, and they have every reason to be Proud. It was definitely quite an experience playing in front of so many people, many of them just wanting to have their moussaka in peace.

So Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” came before Bon Jovi’s – “Always” and to polish off my It’s-Getting-A-Bit-Milked-Now-Neverfail-Classico “Bamboleo” by the Gipsy Kings.

The crowd was pleasantly surprised when I started. I was playing while the Greek Band was having their break. I was told by some of the younger crowd sitting outside that they are wanting a change of music later on and would prefer that the Greek Music was playing earlier.

My slot got moved to 10:30pm so the crowd was of all ages now. Waiters were dancing and a couple of the boys that I knew behind the bench there were making some noise for me. Excellent, all you need is a bit of support and you get the support of everyone else as they follow suit.

The idea now, after talking to the manager, is that I play there every 2nd Thursday on my off days from Marmalade Bar.



New Residency at Latin Passion Restobar

Through use of the Argentinos En Melbourne Facebook Group I bumped into Felipe who is running Latin Passion Restobar meaning Restraunt-Bar. He checked out my music on my YouTube Channel  It works well because I play music there during dinner and then later on they push the tables back and everyone gets up a goes crazy dancing Salsa or whatever. I am there from 6pm-9pm every Saturday Night 406 Brunswick Street, Melbourne opposite “Polly.” In that 3 hours I’m really playing 3 X 30min sets, so I have about 1 and 1/2 hours to hang out with people at the bar. This is great because normally when I play a long set at a bar and invite people to come along, I don’t get much chance to hang out with them because I’m up on stage the whole night.