Michael Gambino is an Australian singer/guitarist who has performed in bars from Amsterdam to Argentina drawing from his experiences of backpacking around the world to write his debut album “Travelling Fool”. Just before beginning recording his debut album Michael swept away the 2011 Catapult Song Contest winning the Voter’s Choice Award for Best Original Australian Unsigned Song for “Travelling Fool (No Melody).” Since then the title track made him a semi-finalist in the 2013 International Songwriting Competition. His latest achievement was winning Amber Mic Production’s “Take My Music on the Road” Competition where he collected the most amount of votes for a live performance video and will be going on a tour as a result.

Now fully armed with a Band of pro musicians, Michael is getting ready to release his debut album, “Travelling Fool” which is full of catchy material from playful and fun to dark and emotive tunes that aims to resonate with a large audience. 

With vocal influences from Chris Cornell and Jeff Buckley, to Bob Dylan and Maynard James Keenan, Michael has a powerful and versatile voice that continues to impress live audiences around Melbourne. Michael’s heartfelt music has so much power and energy and his band helps him carry the message with thumping drums, driving bass and backing harmonies.

As well as having strong vocal influences which helped him developed his own unique and charismatic voice, Mike is continuing to develop his guitar skills from flamenco influences and from his love of finger style music by the likes of Tommy Emmanuel. His influence from other cultures is slowly starting to get introduced into his new material and we will continue to see his song writing get more elaborate and technical while still keeping true to the heart of his music which is simple, unforgettable melodies.

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