Hills Harmonies Show Announced

Hills Harmonies 2013

The Michael Gambino live band will be helping close the Hills Harmonies Festival in Mt. Dandenong Saturday November 28. Armed with some brand new songs to add to their set we are always excited to play a festival show.

Debut Album Coming Soon…

Right now we are in the process of starting up my website and prepping it for an Album Launch.

I am working with Artist Vito Leo on a illustrated concept for the album cover for my debut release “Travelling Fool.”

I am also organising film equipment to start making some music videos and there is a worldwide project going on for travelers. See how to “Be in Mike’s New Music Video” and find out what’s going on.


Just finished recording my first album, after a lot of sitting in the studio listening over and over again to my own material.
I listened more closely at home under headphones with a pen and paper noting down all the things I didn’t like about the performance or the sound until Peter could convince me to let things go. It was like a therapy session every time, sitting on the green couch til midnight sometimes without even beginning recording at all.