On Tuesday August 13 I had a jam with Drummer Mike Palomeque who has been on board with my project for a few months now. He heard my stuff on Melband after made a post stating that I was looking for a Drummer for the “Best Band in Australia.” It was bound to get everyone’s attention but it was my Music Video for Travelling Fool that kept his.
After just one Jam, Mike, (who had played several shows as the drummer for Aussie 90′s Superstar DIESEL) was just as keen as I was to find a Bassplayer who would complete the band. Craig Kelly is his name.
Craig had just left his home town Adelaide to live with his girlfriend in Melbourne and start a new life here, and was keen to jump into a band straight away, so that’s how he found us. Craig had 7 of my songs prepared in just one week and we jammed them out and sounded great. The next day I got into gear and set off to organise our first show. We’re playing at The Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda, 10:30pm, September 3rd.

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