Michael reveals how he won the 2011 Catapult Contest

When the Catapult Contest came to town ever artist who has signed up on Triple J’s Unearthed Site got a mail telling them that they like their song and it’s been chosen for a contest. Cool. I already had my video made and was fresh back from the trip to Argentina where I made the clip.

Using www.couchsurfing.com to my full advantage after learning how to use it while travelling I added myself to the group Buenos Aires and told everyone that my song was in competition in Australia and they could vote and check out the video which was made in their home city.

All the Argentinians in the group loved the idea and did it very lovingly. It’s a different culture to the Australians of which one questioned my morals and motives for mass messaging everyone. Was I miss-using the Couchsurfing Site? Well I didn’t need to sleep on someone’s couch so no dramas there. I just needed mindless numbers putting their hand up. This was supposed to prove that it was popular, but it also forced voter’s to give their profile information from Facebook to the site running the comp.

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